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The dynamic digital archive that maps the work and developments in the field of performing arts, artists and designers.
Work chosen by the members themselves can be made accessible to an audience of colleagues, researchers and interested parties.
The archive supports designers, artists and organizations who work in the arts, design and/or performing arts environment. Membership provides a handsome digital archive and management tool for cataloguing visual material, objects, documents, library, events and web exhibitions.
It also provides a production platform for support and archiving of productions. 

Collaboration, debate, reflection 
The basis of the archive is formed by the individual users.
However, art-producing institutions and ad hoc productions are also served with the DNA structure.
Individual users can create a self-selected project team where data can be shared.

Art-producing institutions can use the hierarchical stucture. The institution shares its archive with chosen employees to maintain the archive.

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The index with 111,005 'Events' and the linked 167,147 people were partly imported from the Dutch Theater Encyclopedia. The designer/artist can add own visuals and information to the performances they participated in. The input from the different perspectives results in a broader understanding of the designers' motives and ideas.

The Foundation is the legal owner and manager of the Portal (performing arts), (music), (design) and (visual arts)
Establishment of the Dynamic Archive Foundation (June 2019) is an initiative of the Theater in the Netherlands (TiN) foundation.

DNA has chosen English as Lingua Franca, to make it easier to share information with the international cultural world and the many cross-border partnerships. Each participant is free to choose to add content in any language.