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software as a service

Using the means archiving in your own digital safe.
It is up to the user to share, publish or maintain data in their own digital private environment.

Selected records can be published directly from the archive on your own website.
No duplication of work.

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YOUR PROFILE including portrait or logo, biography, and adding links to other archives, social media, exhibitions, events, etc.
Use the 'subscription form' and choose 'Private'

COMPANY PROFILE: 1 PRODUCER go to subscribe and choose 'Organization (producer)
Producers have access to their own event agenda to publish new productions and publish the full agenda of the performances, locations and venue information.

COMPANY PROFILE: 2  VENUE: go to subscribe and choose 'Organization (venue)"
Venues have acces to their own 'venue' profile: name, location, etc.

Subscriptions are processed within 48 hours.


Members and users of the Dynamic Archive declare that they endorse the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights
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