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This Who's Who list is mainly imported from the Dutch Theater database. Since the import in 2019, new members have signed up and added their work. Since the import is based on an early system, you may find duplicate names or spelling errors. Organizations such as ensembles, choirs, theater companies, etc. can also appear in this Who's Who. Organizations and individuals will be separated into different data groups in the coming period. Please be aware that this list also shows about 120.000 participants of performances, that are no longer with us.

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1000 Persons shown of 168984 (Row 1 - 50)
Profile picture Full name Full name Website Line of work
Jan Aarntzen
Aarntzen, Jan
Yaaron Abulafia
Abulafia, Yaron
Scholte Albers
Daniel Ament
Ament, Daniël
Lies van Asschen
Jorine Beek
Beek, Jorine van
Joost Beij
Beij, Joost de
Rien Bekkers
Bekkers, Rien
Roel Berckelaer
Berckelaer, Roel van
Hadewych Berge
Berge, Hadewych ten
Hub Berkers
Berkers, Hub
Herman Berserik
Berserik, Herman
Leontien van Beurden
Beurden, Leontien van
Jan Beutener
Beutener, Jan
Nelly Blessinga
Blessinga, Nelly
Maze de Boer
Boer, Maze de
Jan Boïten
Boiten, Jan
Andrea Boltkamp
Katrin Bombe
Bombe, Katrin
Gèr Boosten
Boosten, Gèr
Anne Karin Bosch
Bosch, Anne Karin ten
Dymph Boss
Boss, Dymph
Arno Bremers
Bremers, Arno
Aldo Brinkhoff
Brinkhoff, Aldo
Alex Brok
Brok, Alex
Bas Bruijn
Bruijn, Bas de
Willemijn Brussel
Brussel, Willemeijn van
Costhea Brussel
Brussel, Costhea
Marianne Burgers
Burgers, Marianne
Marrit van der Burgt
Burgt, Marrit van der
Louise Caspers
Caspers, Louise
Hans Christiaan
Christiaan, Hans
Clement en Sanôu
Clement & Sanôu
Thomas Coltoff
Bernadette Corstens
Corstens, Bernadette
Catherine Cuykens
Cuykens, Catherine
Henk Danner
Danner, Henk
Sanne Danz
Danz, Sanne
Juul Dekker
Dekker, Juul
Keso Dekker
Dekker, Keso
Hep Delft
Delft, Hep van
Bhagat Denijs
Denijs, Bhagat
Albert Diederik
Stefan Dijkman
Dijkman, Stefan
Sofie Doeland
Doeland, Sofie
Andy Doller
Marcel Dolman
Dolman, Marcel
Jan Chris Duijvendak
Woiciech Dziedzic
Dziedzic, Wojciech
Cocky Eek
Eek, Cocky
1000 Persons shown of 168984 (Row 1 - 50)