The Archive

for individual makers, performers and art-producing entities

The first group of users are the individual artists who can manage their private archive in a closed and secure environment. The user is the source and administrator of his own data.
The artist / designer as 'source' can offer access to institutional archives for research and possible choice to include work and documents in their archive. In that case, the institutional archive adds its own academically reliable descriptions.

Although the bottom-up structure is the principle of this archive, it is also available to art-producing institutions of all types.
In that case, the institution is the owner and manager of the data and designates the individual registrars and curators who perform the archive management.

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Upload, store, organise, manage, share, and track all your digital assets in one place, from one single source.
The Archive offers the following fully integrated and interlinked modules

Photo, Professional disciplines, Curriculum, link to own website and archive.
All data entered are and remain the property of the user and can only be shown publicly with the consent of the member user.

Shows, exhibitions, etc.
List of events to which the artist / designer has contributed.
Content includes: Title, date, location, period and your own visual material.

designs, models, sketches, design drawings.
All types of unique objects classified by type, with description, location information, copyright, etc.

Documents classified by type.
Letters, contracts, press clippings, etc.

Pieces sorted by groups.
1. own publications, 2. printed matter in which work has been published, 3. professional literature, 4. own collection such as posters, magazines, etc.

Exhibition production platform.
For web presentation or scenario for physical exhibition.
With template or own design for instant Web presentation.

Insurance, location monitor, publications.
Publications of work are recorded and provide an overview of rights to be settled (such as via Pictoright, Buma, etc.), record location of physical documents, and details of insured value and insurer.

Preservation, restoration, sale, loan, location tracker.
All items included in the object catalog are linked to these processes.

Production platform shared with colleagues.
The designer / artist can put together a team and share the production platform with agenda, action list, concepts and designs.

Template public presentation or embedded in own website.
Template for public presentation or archived work embedded in own website.
Data is published directly from the database of the archive.
All individual pieces can be marked for publication (Yes / No)
See example of template web exhibition artist Oswaldo Guayasamin
or Web exhibition Woman Self-Portraits

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