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(...) In addition to being artistically innovative, cultural institutions are also constantly innovating their organization and working methods. A cultural institution can reach other audiences in an innovative way, develop innovative educational programs or marketing concepts, tap into other sources of funding or develop new methods for digitizing and opening up archives. (...)

Source: Report Inventory Archives Design and Digital Culture, Het Nieuwe Instituut (the Netherlands) May 2019

DynamischArchief.nl is a dynamic digital archive that is always up-to-date due to its structure. The archive is maintained by the member in a private protected environment. Selected data can be published on the members website and/or shared with other platforms.
Data is only shown publicly with the permission of the member user.

In the current database, 166,902 people and 111,005 performances were partly imported from the theater encyclopedia.
Additional input of their own visual material by the participants is in line with these already entered performance data.

Compared to the current range of digital archives and archives the Dynamic Archive offers a wider and fully integrated and interlinked spectrum of modules. In addition to the Object catalog, there are the Events, Library, Documents, Exhibitions and Project platform modules for collaborating designers and artists.

Participants who use the archive functions can compile work groups and share data. All types of projects and partnerships can be initiated and documented in this way. The structure of the archive has been developed for use by individual users and for art-producing institutions.

DynamischArchief.nl manages three Portals with one common goal using one database. The archive aims at the digital archiving of the work of theater designers, independent designers, visual artists and performing artists.